Actress Byun Jung Soo Invites Lee Bo Young to Drop the Veil and Show Her True Self On Camera

Actress Byun Jung Soo recently invited Lee Bo Young to be the next guest for “Human Documentary.” 

On the latest broadcast of “Human Documentary” that aired on December 28, participants Park Jin Young, Song Jong Kook, Byun Jung Soo, Han Hye Yeon, Jang Mi Yeon, Park Ki Ryang, Sean and Park Mo Seh evaluated their year. 

When the producing staff asked the participants to name a few people they would recommend coming on the show, Byun Jung Soo replied good-naturedly, “Lee Bo Young. That girl is having a blast with Ji Sung after getting married. I think it would be nice if she came out.” In a video letter, she also added, “Hey Bo Young, you should really come out. Drop the veil this once and show your true self!”

Who else would be up for a behind-the-scenes look at the Ji Sung-Lee Bo Young couple?


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