Seo In Guk Once Again Puts On a Girly Wig

Actor and singer Seo In Guk once again disguised himself as a girl, and this time, he got really into it.

On December 28, Seo In Guk posted a selca of himself wearing a black colored long-haired wig on his Twitter along with the message, “How was my concert today? Hahaha. It would be great if those who watched it could write a short comment about it. Hahaha. And tomorrow’s the last concert. Let’s have a great time. I’m posting this picture from the promise I made at the concert.” The picture seems to have been taken for his first ever solo concert “Supra In Guk” that took place on the same day this picture was uploaded.

For those who saw the picture, their comments included, “He looks so pretty with the wig,” “As an actual woman myself, he looks far more feminine than me,” “Super cute,” “Yesterday’s concert rocked, ” “Seo In Guk Fighting!” and “I’m really looking forward to today’s concert.”

Seo In Guk’s last concert takes place on December 29 at the Ewha Women’s University, in Seoul.

Seo In Guk