Dal Shabet’s Ah Young Not Seriously Hurt After Toe Injury

Dal Shabet’s Ah Young recently injured her toe, but her agency has stated that she is not seriously injured.

A representative from Dal Shabet’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, revealed on December 28, “Ah Young hit her toe against a pillar while coming off stage after her performance. She’s currently receiving treatment and resting.”

The accident occurred on Saturday at Dom Art Hall, where Ah Young performed at the “WAPOP” concert with her group. She was immediately sent to the hospital and received a medical exam and treatment.

Dal Shabet’s side added, “It’s only a small injury so Dal Shabet’s comeback and other scheduled activities will not be affected. We are sorry for causing fans to worry.”

Dal Shabet is scheduled to release their seventh mini-album on January 8, 2014.