Netizens Who Spread Rumors About Hwang Soo Kyung and IU Sentenced and Fined

The bloggers who had been repeatedly spreading false rumors about celebrities have received probation sentences.

On December 27, Judge Ban Jung Mo of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced the blogger who had been indicted for defamation to 10 months in prison and 2 years of probation. Also, the judge fined the eight who had had been charged with spreading rumors about celebrities and athletes over mobile messengers, the highest fine being 5,000,000 won (approx. $4,740).

These netizens had spread rumors of KBS announcer Hwang Soo Kyung‘s divorce and singer IU‘s marriage, among other things.

The judge stated, “Through their blogs, mobile messenger, and e-mail, they repeatedly spread false information, and caused serious damages. While the crimes were not light, we considered their admittances of their crimes, their motives, and repentance in the sentencing.”

Meanwhile, the female celebrities that have been hit with rumors of prostitution have taken legal action against the netizens who spread the rumors, and the conclusion of that case remains to be seen.