Comedian Song In Hwa Sentenced for Marijuana Use

It has been reported comedian Song In Hwa has been charged for marijuana use.

On December 29, the Incheon District Court sentenced Song In Hwa to six months in prison with two years probation. Along with the comedian, her sister, who was charged under the same offence, was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison with three years probation.

The justice department stated, “The use of marijuana by a celebrity can play a negative influence in society; and thus it is not something we can take lightly. However, we took into account that the defendant admitted to the charges and showed regret for her wrongdoings in addition to the fact that she only used twice.”

In June and July of this year, prior to the sentencing, the Incheon District Police Department indicted Song In Hwa and her sister without detention under the charges of marijuana use at their home in the U.S. and Korea. 

Meanwhile, Song In Hwa originally debuted as an actress appearing in the film, “My Boss, My Teacher.” She made her official debut as a KBS comedian in April of this year.