The Winners of 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards. While we covered all of the award winners in our extensive live blog, it is probably easier to read a summary of the winners on this extravagant night.

Dynamic Duo

Opening Performance – 
Dynamic Duo – Friday Night

The Radio and Current Affairs Program Awards

Radio Related
Achievement Award – Nam Kyung Tae 
Scriptwriter Award – Lee Seung Hee
Special Award – Shin Ji Hae
Special Award – Park Il (voice actor)

Current Affairs Program related
Scriptwriter Award – Go Hee Gab & Kim Yoo Mi
Special Award – Park Hye Kyung & Kim Seung Joo
Special Award – Cultwo


Rookie Awards


Comedy Female
Maeng Seung Ji & Park Hyun Jung from “Addicted To Comedy

Do Dae Ong

Comedy Male
Do Dae Ong
from “Addicted to Comedy”

 So Hyun yoomi

Variety Show Female
Kim So Hyun & Jung Yoo Mi from “Music Core” &We Got Married Season 4respectively 

Hyunsiksam2Variety Show Male
Park Hyung Sik
and Sam Hammington from “Sunday Night – Real Men

Hong Chul
2013entertain_photo131229233817entertain0 Jang Hyuk

Popularity Award – Variety Shows

Noh Hong Chul from “Infinity Challenge
Jang Hyuk from  “Sunday Night – Real Men”
Defconn from “I live alone


Popularity Award – MC

Seo Kyung Seok from “Sunday Night – Real Men”
Kim Gura from “Golden Fishery – Radio Star


Popularity Award – Singers
2PM & SHINee


Lifetime Achievement Award 
Singer Lee Mi Ja


Scriptwriter Award
Shin Myung Ji from  “Sunday Night – Real Men”


Star of The Year Award
Song Jong Gook, Yoon Min Soo, Lee Jong Hyuk from  “Sunday Night – Daddy! Where are we going?”
Ryu Soo Young, Son Jin Young  from “Sunday Night – Real Men”
Tae Min, Jung Joon Young, Yoon Han, Son Na Eun from “We Got Married Season 4


Crayon Pop with special guest Kim Gura


Special Award 
The Children From “Daddy! Where Are We Going?” 
Yoon Hoo, Song Jia, Kim Min Gook, Sung Joon, Lee Joon Soo

Park Myung Soo

Part 2 Opening Performance
DJ G-Park (Park Myung Soo) & Jung Hyung Don


Radio DJ Rookie Award
Yiruma from “Yiruma’s Golden Disk


Radio DJ Excellence Award
Jeon Hyun Moo from “Good Morning FM
Park Joon Young & Yoo Chae Young from “Good Morning

shindongKim Shin Young

Radio DJ High Excellence Award
Kim Shin Young from “Song At Noon
Super Junior‘s Shin Dong from “Shim Shim Ta Pa


Best Couple Award Picked By Viewers
Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon from “Infinity Challenge


The Bits and Pieces Award
Eating On TV AwardYoon Hoo from “Daddy! Where are we going”
Not Great at Much AwardSam Hammington from “Real Men
Variety Show Latecomer Award Kim Young Gwon From “I Live Alone”

Young Gwon

Friendship Award
Kim Young Gwon from “I Live Alone
Jo Hyung Gi from “World Changing Quiz

Kim Sung Joo

PD Award- picked by PDs
Kim Sung Joo from “Daddy! Where are we going?”
Seo Kyung Suk from “Real Men


Excellence Award For Comedy
Choi Sul Ah From “Addicted to Comedy


Hong Ga Ram from “Addicted to Comedy

Lee So HyunSo E Hyun

Excellence Award for Variety Shows
So Yi Hyun from “Section TV
Lee So Yeon from “We Got Married Season 4

dongil kwangky

Sung Dong Il from “Daddy! Where Are We going?”
Kim Kwang Kyu from “I Live Alone

Infinity Challenge

Most Popular Program Voted by Viewers Award
Infinity Challenge


High Excellence Award for Variety Shows
Park Mi Sun from “We Got Married Season 4″ and “ World Changing Quiz”

HyungDong Soro

Jung Hyung Don from “Infinity Challenge
Kim Soo Ro from “Real Men


Daddy Where Are WE Going

Grand Award
The team from “Daddy! Where Are We Going?”