“Superstar K” Finalist Kim So Jung Releases MV feat. Duo J2M

Singer Kim So Jung is back with double single “You, Then You Part 1” along with Part 2 of the same name.

Known as an “uhm-chin-ddal” during her auditioning days through the second season of “Superstar K” in 2010 for attending prestigious public research university KAIST. She made her debut in 2012, and it’s been a year since she dropped an album.

Kim So Jung composed and wrote the lyrics with some outside help, and also actively participated and gave her input in her album jacket design and music video filming process. Male duo J2M took part in the song as well as the music video filming.

The song conveys both a woman and man’s point of views regarding the longing of a past love and wanting to go back to the good times.