Who Was Named This Year’s CF Queen?

Actresses Shin Min Ah, Jun Ji Hyun, and miss A’s Suzy were named the CF (TV commercials) queens of 2013.

MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” which aired on December 29 revealed stars’ appearance on CFs and how much money they earn from being in a CF.

The reporters revealed, “Although Shin Min Ah did not make any TV appearances, she made 3 billion won (approximately $2.8 million). She recently purchased a house without spending money on anything else.”

miss A’s Suzy was also mentioned by another reporter who said, “Suzy appeared in 22 CFs in the past year. She gained the nickname ‘100 billion won girl.’”

Lastly, a reported stated, “Jun Ji Hyun left the world of CFs for a while, but made her return after appearing in ‘Thieves,’ and ‘Berlin’ as well as ‘Man from the Stars.’ She is regaining interest.”

Meanwhile, all the reporters unanimously mentioned PSY as another star who earned a lot of money through CFs this year. 

Section TV Entertainment News