Choi Jin Hyuk Reveals His True Age

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk recently revealed that the age on his profile is not his real age.

In an interview with SBS E! News, the actor said, “If you search my name on a portal site, it says that my birthday is early 1985, but it’s actually early 1986.”  

Choi Jin Hyuk revealed why he had raised his profile age by one, saying that since he was young, because of his ‘early’ birthdate, he had a lot of incidents here and there that led to a sort of trauma. In Korea, if you are born in the months of January and February, you are put into the same school year as those who were born in the year before you; thus came about the “early” birthdate. 

“In elementary school, I used to get into fist fights because of my age.” At that age when everyone was so childish, his male classmates would tell him that he was their junior, and to kneel in front of them, which led to physical altercations. “This continued all the way up until college, so I’ve been sensitive about the topic since a young age, and it’s a source of stress for me.” So, he said, three years ago, he changed his birthday to an early 1985 birthday, something even his fans didn’t know about. 

“Now that a lot of people I know know me as being born in ’85, I felt weird changing the profile back, so I just left it. However, it is just the profile that I’ve left; my friends and acquaintances know my age. So there’s no problem there. In any case, I do feel it is right to have the correct age on my profile, and I have plans to request a change.”

The topic of his age came up when Choi Jin Hyuk was asked in an interview how he feels coming up on thirty, where he then revealed his true age, and said “I’ve gained one more year before thirty.”

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