M.Pire’s T.O Releases Music Video for Solo Single “Lie”

T.O, one of the main vocalists of idol group M.Pire, shows his vocal skills through first solo single “Lie.”

Released on December 30, the song is a medium-tempo pop ballad track with a hip hop beat describing a man’s longing of an ex-girlfriend. “Lie” starts off with the soft and warm timbre of the guitar and the piano gently eases in.

“Lie” is composed by Kim Kwang Sub and Hwae Jang Nim, the latter who also wrote for popular artists JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong, KCM, Navi, and more. Hwae Jang Nim also wrote the lyrics for the track along with Choi Sam.

Listen to T.O’s beautiful voice below!


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