Dal Shabet’s “Have, Don’t Have” Ranks First at 2013 Home Shopping Music Awards

Dal Shabet‘s “Have, Don’t Have” has swept the playlists of home shopping channels!

GS Shop recently selected the most popular song amongst 10,000 songs that recorded the highest amount of plays on home shopping channels this year, and the winner of the 2013 HMA (Home shopping Music Award) turned out to be Dal Shabet with their song “Have, Don’t Have.” 

The second place went to Girl’s Day‘s “Expectation,” third ranked Julian Jordan‘s “Rock Steady,” fourth place went to G.NA‘s “Oh, Good,” and fifth ranked Girls’ Generation‘s “Dancing Queen.

“Have, Don’t Have” is a bright disco track that was released in November last year. According to the home shopping community, the song’s addictive sound stimulated the viewers’ purchase motivation, which is the main factor when choosing background tracks for home shopping shows. 

The group’s agency Happy Face Entertainment commented, “‘Have, Don’t Have” was released last year, but anyone regardless of their sex and age can easily sing along and enjoy the song, and it is thus receiving much love from the public. As the rest of Dal Shabet’s are also cheery and lively, I heard they are often played during home shopping shows.

Dal Shabet is currently preparing for their comeback on January 8, and a teaser photo will be released on January 2.