Jun Ji Hyun Stuns in a School Uniform in High School Photos

Top actress Jun Ji Hyun‘s high school photos prove that her beauty has not changed over time.

On December 30, SBS’ “Good Morning” visited Jinseon Girls’ High School that the star used to attend, and the producer had a short interview with teacher Jo Nam Il. Having carefully followed Jun Ji Hyun’s high school years in the past, he shared what the actress was like as a student.

“Even though everyone was wearing a school uniform, she was the only one that caught my eye. It felt like she was shining. Also, there were piles of fan letters and other mail sent to Jun Ji Hyun in the teachers’ room. Male students waited for her in front of the main gate,” sharing that the star stood out even back in high school.

Photos taken at the time were revealed during the show, and while the actress looked more innocent and youthful back then, her well-defined facial features have not changed a bit.

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