Kids Sung Joon and Song Ji Ah from “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” Make Audience Laugh at MBC Entertainment Awards

A camera shot of kid celebrities Sung Joon and Song Ji Ah made the audience laugh at the end of year 2013 MBC Entertainment Award Show.

On December 29, the 2013 MBC Entertainment Award show was taking place in Seoul, and the camera got a shot of kid celebrities Sung Joon and Song Ji Ah from the reality show “Dad, Where Are We Going?” not paying attention to the ceremony.

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Actors Oh Chang Seok and Jeon So Min appeared on the stage to present an award when the funny incident occurred. Oh Chang Seok began by saying, “It’s been a while since finishing my drama. It’s cool to see everyone in person that I’ve only seen on TV.” Jeon So Min responded, “There’s one person that I really want to meet. After seeing Yoon Hoo [another kid from the “Daddy, Where Are We Going” cast] in person, he is really cute and pretty.” The camera then focused on the “Dad, Where Are We Going?” cast and showed the hilarious clip of the two child actors not caring about the award show and focused on a video game.

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