Gary to Song Ji Hyo at the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards: “I Want You”

At the 2013 SBS Entertainment AwardsSong Ji Hyo won the High Excellence Award for female entertainer. Did we mention that the award show was on a Monday? During her win, Song Ji Hyo was given extra support by none other than her Monday Couple partner Gary.

song ji hyo

On December 30, “Running Man’s” Song Ji Hyo was recognized as the female entertainer who shined throughout 2013. Surprised and overwhelmed, the actress was given extra support when fellow variety show member and Monday Couple partner, Gary, remained on stage to hold her congratulatory bouquets.

   running man

In regards to the award, Song Ji Hyo expressed, “I think it’s an excessive award for me. As the only female among the other male members of ‘Running Man’ I feel like I do not help and am a burden. I am thankful for the consideration. I will work harder, and will continue to remain in good relations with Gary.”

song ji hyo

While Song Ji Hyo began tearing up throughout her acceptance speech, Gary was a gentleman, remaining on stage behind the actress to hold all her bouquets. Earlier, when the MCs asked Gary if he had something to say to Song Ji Hyo, the Monday Couple partner said, “I want you Song Ji Hyo,” causing the studio to laugh.

song ji hyo gary

The teamwork, adoration, consideration, and love of the “Running Man” members continue to be evident through the group’s support for one another. Congratulations Song Ji Hyo, and we wish “Running Man” more success in 2014!

Check out Song Ji Hyo’s acceptance speech below!