2013 MBC Entertainment Awards Show Tops Ratings, KBS a Close Second

Among the 2013 awards shows of the top three networks in Korea (KBS, SBS, MBC), “2013 MBC Entertainment Awards” got the highest ranking. According to Nielson Korea ratings, the first part of MBC’s drama awards show received 13.7% of the viewership, while part two received 15.2% of the viewership. MBC barely edged out “2013 KBS Entertainment Awards” that took place on December 21. KBS received 13.5% for part one and 15.1% for part two. Network SBS came in last place receiving 10.2% for part one and 12.2% for part two.

The top award at MBC’s award show went to the cast of reality show “Dad, Where Are You Going?” KBS’s top award went to Kim Jun Ho who appeared in many shows such as “Gag Concert,” “Two Days and Night,” “Quiz Show,” and “The Four Musketeers.” SBS’s top prize went to Kim Byung Man of “Law of the Jungle.