New York Times Talks About BEAST’s Yoseob and K-Pop in Korean Musicals

BEAST’s main vocal Yang Yoseob was featured in a New York Times article on December 29, as a representative of the K-Pop stars that have now been hitting the Korean musical stages for some time. 

Yoseob is currently starring in the Andrew Lloyd-Tim Rice rock musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” where New York Times’ Patrick Healy noted that Yoseob brings a lot of young female fans to the musical theater, likening it to Justin Bieber in a Broadway show. 

Patrick Healy went on to analyze the Korean musical market, and the influence of K-Pop in it, mentioning stars like Yoseob, Ock Ju Hyun (formerly Fin.K.L), and Kim Junsu (JYJ), who bring some of their fan base to the audience.

In an interview, Yoseob said, “K-Pop idol groups usually have a lot of members. That’s what I’m used to. The musical genre, where I am the main focus, is really new to me. I’m learning a lot, but I feel a bit of pressure too.” He continued, “Popularity can just be a bubble when there is no ability. So I’m coming to the theater to learn abilities.”

Yoseob was highly praised for his vocal performance in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” captivating the audience, who only broke their silence once for his emotional performance of the Korean version of “Close Every Door.” However, Patrick Healy also mentioned some cons to having K-Pop artists appear in musicals, like the lack of musical experience, or the stars having to break out of their usual K-Pop performance style, as well as the growing void of original Korean musicals, many musicals now being imported from the United States or Europe.

Yang Yoseob, overall, has proved himself as a talented vocalist, through his activities with BEAST and his solo and musical activities. Busy with Korean and international schedules, he will also be performing at the year-end ceremonies this year.

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