Lee Jong Hyuk and Son to Leave “Daddy, Where Are We Going”?

It appears that actor Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Junsu will be leaving variety program, “Daddy, Where Are We Going?

According to one entertainment news source, it has been officially confirmed with MBC’s “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” that Lee Jong Hyuk will be leaving the show. 

In an interview, a spokesperson for Lee Jong Hyuk said, “The staff of the show had already made their decision regarding his departure from the show. He has plans to focus on his acting. For one year, Lee Jong Hyuk enjoyed the time he spent with Junsu and he was also sad about leaving the show.” 

Netizens who heard about his departure from the show replied, “Aw, it’s really too bad that he’s leaving,” “I want to keep on seeing Lee Jong Hyuk and Junsu though,” “Wait, so are there other people that they’re taking off the show?” and “So it was true that he was leaving.”  

There was also an instance where Lee Jong Hyuk revealed on SBS FM’s “Cultwo” radio program that he had returned from his last “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” trip. 

“I’m not sure how many trips I’ve taken since I haven’t tried to count it before, but I think it’s over twenty. I just came back from my last trip. I just filmed it without too much ambition, but I think [it] turned out alright. I think you have to clear your thoughts for it to turn out good,” he said. 

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