2013 MBC Gayo Daejun Performances

The 2013 MBC Gayo Daejun rang in the new year for Korea with many of the top K-Pop acts this year.

While special stages were expected for the last music show of the year,  the program also featured a VS. format, having artists against each other for their performances.

A Pink and B1A4 teamed up for a cute love song medley, while Teen Top‘s Niel and Ailee collaborated on a sexy performance of “4Minutes.” 

Crayon Pop had a large scale “Bar Bar Bar” flash mob for their performance.

Reply 1994‘s Haitai (Son Ho Joon) made an appearance at T-ara‘s “Do You Know Me.”

An SM special stage featured Key and Tiffany performing “Bang Bang,” followed by Key, Amber Kris and Chanyeol doing “Like a G6.”

One of the most talked about stages of the night was the collaboration between Hyori and MFBTY (Tiger  JK, Yoon Mi Rae , Bizzy). They had an amazing set together, performing “Miss Korea,” “The Cure,” “U Go Girl,” and “Monster.”

Kara also had a sadly nostalgic stage, performing many of their past songs. This may be one of the last times we get to see them as five members.

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 Opening Stage by House Rules, N-Sonic and MCs – “Bounce” + “Bar Bar Bar” + “I Got A Boy” + “Growl”

B1A4 + A Pink Special Stage

Niel + Ailee Special Stage (Baby + I Love It + 4Minutes)

Block B – “Very Good”

Girls Day – “Female President”

VIXX – “Voodoo Doll”

Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar”

Dalshabet – “Be Ambitious”

Rainbow – “Tell Me Tell Me”

BTOB – “Thriller”

B.A.P – “One Shot”

Trot Stage – Seolwundo / Park Hyunbin / Tae Jin Ah

Ladies Code – “Pretty Pretty”

Bangtan – “___”(Sechs Kies) + “Warrior’s Descendant” (H.O.T) + “No More Dream”

T-ara – “No.9” + “Do You Know Me?” (ft Son Hojun)

After School – “First Love”

Ailee – “U & I”

Song Jinyoung + Park Sujin + Han Donggeun Special Stage

Insooni – “Umbrella” + “Friend” (ft Cho PD)


Lee Juck – “Lie Lie Lie” + “Running In The Sky” + “Left Hander”

A Pink – “No No No”

f(x) – “Rum Pum Pum Pum”

ZE:A – “Ghost Of The Wind”

miss A – “Hush”

SM Special Stage (Key + Tiffany “Bang Bang” , Amber + Kris + Chanyeol “Like A G6” )

Secret – Intro + “I Do I Do”

4minute – “What’s Your Name”

Kim Daeho Announcer

Lee Hyori + MFBTY – “Miss Korea” + “The Cure” + “U Go Girl” + “Monster”

Romantic J – “Love Falls”

CN Blue – “Lady” + “I’m Sorry”

IU – “Red Shoes”

K.Will – “You Don’t Know Love”

Limm Changjung – “Open The Door”

K.Will + Lim Changjung Special Stage

B1A4 – “What’s Going On?”

Teen Top – “Miss Right” + “Rocking”

EXO – “Wolf” + “Growl”

Infinite – “Inception” + “Destiny”

Hyorin – “Sweet Dreams” (Beyonce), Sistar – “Give It To Me”

Kara – “Pretty Girl” + “Lupin” + “Mister” + “Step” + “Damaged Lady”

BEAST- “Caffeine” + “Flower” + “Shadow”

2PM – “All Day I Think of You” + “Game Over”

SHINee – “Dream Girl” (feat. Henry) + “Everybody”

Girls’ Generation – “I Got A Boy”

Closing Stage

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