Cha Seung Won’s Son, Cha No Ah, Acquitted from Sexual Assault Charges

Back in August of 2013, pro-gamer Cha No Ah, son of actor Cha Seung Won, was charged for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old high school student. After denying the charges, Cha No Ah has been acquitted of the sexual assault charges.

On December 31, the prosecution ruled Cha No Ah innocent of the charges after conducting its investigation and hereby clearing his name from a bad rap.

A representative of the prosecution stated to Star News, “After police investigation, the prosecution Cha No Ah was acquitted of the charges due to nonsufficient evidence.”

According to the prosecution, the plaintiff and Cha No Ah did not settle on an agreement. The representative stated, “Not only did the plaintiff and Cha not settle, but there was no sufficient evidence to substantiate the allegation; thus the charges were cleared.”