Chae Ri Na of Roo’ra Talks About G-Dragon’s “Little Roo’ra” Days

On Januray 2, KBS 2TV’s “Yeo You Man Man” welcomed 90s singers Kim Ji Hyun and Chae Ri Na of Roo’ra and Han Hyun Nam of Young Turks Club.

During the show, the three singers discussed the hip-hop duo Jinusean when Han Hyun Nam asked, “Wasn’t Big Bang’s G-Dragon a member of the ‘Little Roo’ra?’”

Chae Ri Na answered, “G-Dragon had superstar talent even when he was 7 years old, but he doesn’t like being called ‘Little Roo’ra.”

She added, “So I was very careful not to talk about it, but coincidentally G-Dragon invited Roo’ra as a guest to Big Bang’s concert. I should have tried to become closer friends with him. I should have brought him a bunch of snacks and candy,” and aroused laughter as she expressed her regret. 

Little Roo'ra, YeoYouManMan