Rain Releases “LA SONG” & “30SEXY” MV, Album “Rain Effect” Features 4Minute’s HyunA

Rain is back after four years with his new album, and the singer hasn’t lost his touch of sexiness.

On January 2, the singer released his new album, “Rain Effect,” presenting 10 different tracks that portray Rain’s diverse styles. Unlike the sexy hip hop beat shown in the title song, “30 Sexy,” Rain’s second title song, “La Song” offers a different feel through its fantasy-like vibe.

Furthermore, Rain’s new album features 4Minute’s HyunA in the song, “Where Are You Going Oppa.” The 4Minute rapper features her cute rapping style to compliment with Rain’s sexy voice to create the cute rap song.

Besides the sexy and cute styles of song, Rain also shows his heartfelt feelings towards his mother, as the track “Dear Mama Don’t Cry” portrays the singer’s love for his mother.

The official comeback of Rain proves that despite hitting his 30ss, the singer still maintains his sexy presence and charismatic aura. 

Check out the music videos for “30 Sexy” and “La Song” below!