Yoo Jae Suk Declines Kim Byung Man’s Request to Appear on “Law of the Jungle”

Comedian Yoo Jae Suk evoked laughter as he wittily declined Kim Byung Man’s request to appear on SBS’ “Law of the Jungle.”

On the January 1 broadcast of SBS’ “Midnight TV Entertainment,” Yoo Jae Suk answered, “Sorry, I don’t think I can go,” to Kim Byung Man’s love call to join him in the jungle.

Kim Byung Man asked Yoo Jae Suk saying, “Please come with us to the jungle. We need a true leader.” A reporter from the show relayed his request to Yoo Jae Suk, to which he answered, “Sorry, I don’t think I can go. If I go to the jungle, I would have to stay there for about 20 days. If I go, I would have to give up my livelihood.” His witty and clever answer aroused laughter from the staff and viewers alike.

Meanwhile, comedian Kim Byung Man received the Grand Award at 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards. Click here to see the rest of the recipients from the awards. 

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