Ailee, Bada, and Hyorin Take Diva Selcas Together

On January 2, singer and musical actress Bada posted on her Twitter, “Immortal Song: Singing the Legend on January 4!” with a picture of herself with Sistar’s leader Hyorin and with Ailee as well, and the three girls smiling together towards the camera looked splendid.

Bada continued, “It was the first time in a long time that I popped in over at the KBS Station, and I had such a good time meeting my friends. Meeting them in one place at such a busy time is hard which made our meeting all the while more precious. Happy new year everyone and may all your wishes come true in 2014.”

Ailee, Bada, and Hyorin are all great divas who received much love through their amazing performances in “Immortal Song: Singing the Legend.”

This episode of “Immortal Song” in which all three will appear will air January 4.

Hyorin and Bada