Former T-ara Member Hwayoung Spotted Filming a Music Video, Possible Comeback?

Just two days ago, Hwayoung had her first time spinning disks at an exciting New Year’s Eve party, and now the former member of girl group T-ara has been spotted at the set of a music video.

On December 2, the picture was uploaded on an online community bulletin with the title, “Hwayoung captured at a filming location. Preparations for her comeback album?” The image shows her outside in the cold, wearing a fashionable but warm outfit. Her slightly curled hair and the polished look hint that there is indeed a professional crew behind them, and based on her focused facial expression, she seems to be in the middle of acting. 

The photo has gained a lot of attention from fans and netizens, who are wondering if she is simply acting for another artist’s music video, or if it’s her highly anticipated comeback video that she is preparing for. 

Hwayoung recently joined the talented family of Wellmade StarM, and will focus on pursuing her acting career.