3 Posters Released for New Drama “Inspiring Age,” Starring Kim Hyun Joong, Im Soo Hyang, and Jin Sae Yeon

On January 2, three powerful posters were released for KBS’s new miniseries “Inspiring Age,” greatly increasing anticipation for this new work.

The main poster features the three main characters, Kim Hyun Joong, Im Soo Hyang, and Jin Sae Yeon. Kim Hyun Joong is shown with a heavily beat up face, a bowler hat pulled down over one eye, and a clenched fist, exuding an intense masculine energy. Behind him, Im Soo Hyang and Jin Sae Yeon complete the picture with an enchanting and mysterious air, making us wonder about the relationship that will unfold between the three.

Moreover, the poster features a large portion of the cast advancing in a haze of fog has everyone’s attention featuring a variety of unique characters.

An official at the production company Ray N Mo said, “The three posters that we revealed directly show the characteristics of the drama: a grand scale, intricate action, and high-class femininity. With talented actors and a solid storyline, this emotional romantic noir will be a drama that delivers.”

“Inspiring Age,” filmed on a large scale with intricate action, is a romantic noir about the love, loyalty, and friendship of the ‘romantic fists’ of Korea, China, and Japan in the 1930s. It will air its first episode on January 15, after the end of “Beautiful Man.”

Check out the posters below!

inspiring age