Actress Lee Shi Young Becomes a Cute Boy for Beauty+ Magazine

Actress Lee Shi Young has become the new cover model for the beauty magazine “Beauty +” for the January issue.

The two main concepts of this pictorial is about portraying both a girl and a boy, and so Lee Shi Young’s hair style shown here is a boyish short-cut.

Despite the actress being busy with her shooting for the movie “God’s Trick” and her boxing practices, it has been heard that the actress seemed to have enjoyed the shooting of the pictorial and was a big hit among the staff.

Dressed in several suits and oxford shoes, the actress successfully portrayed both a mannish look and a slightly mischievous boy with a hint of elegance.

In an interview that was conducted after the shooting, the actress revealed some of her own secrets in keeping such a fit body. She said, “I got some muscles after boxing, so that was a big help in getting a better shaped body and also, the skin on my face had more elasticity. ”

Lee Shi Young continued, “A really bad habit of destroying beauty is over-eating. I think that having a vegetable-oriented healthy eating habit helps a lot.”

Lee Shi Young

Lee Shi Young

Lee Shi Young