Super star Lee Min Ho has no time for rest as he has recently announced, “I think I am going to crazily work out my body. I think I will lose even more weight.”

This was one of Lee Min Ho’s resolutions for 2014. After a wildly successful run with “The Heirs,” Lee Min Ho has confirmed his next project to be the film, “Gangnam Blues,” which is an action noir film.

Although Lee Min Ho has done action scenes before, especially for the drama, “City Hunter,” he has never done noir. “Gangnam Blues” will be directed by Yoo Ha, who is known to produce very realistic action scenes.

Lee Min Ho said, “For this movie, I will make my body into one that has never been seen before.”

The actor also commented, “Whether or not my acting is good, I will continue to try. I will fight hard with myself in my twenties and act. I will continue to act even after my thirties. However, instead of giving in to my greed and finding strong and provocative roles to give a big change, I think it’s better to chose a reasonable role.”

As we look forward to Lee Min Ho’s transformed body, the actor leaves us with final words about love: “Now I want to fall in love at first sight. If someone like that appears, I think I can be just like Kim Tan. I realized, ‘That is true love.'”