Han Hye Jin Returns to Big Screen as Hwang Jung Min’s Love Interest

Han Hye Jin will be returning to the big screen as “Hwang Jung Min‘s woman.”

Han Hye Jin will play the role of Ho Jung, who is the first love of Hwang Jung Min’s character in “When A Man Loves.”

Han Hye Jin is currently receiving positive reviews for her SBS drama, “Kind Words.” In “When A Man Loves,” she will play the role of Ho Jung, who struggles with her father’s excessive debts and makes Tae Il (played by Hwang Jung Min) fall in love with her at first sight.

After touching viewers’ hearts with her warm words as a “Healing Camp” MC and solidifying her acting skills through “Kind Words,” Han Hye Jin is maturing as an actress. She commented, “I think Ho Jung’s deep, delicate and colorful personality from ‘When a Man Loves’ is coming out in my drama s well. I think this film will make me mature even more as an actress.”

Co-star Hwang Jung Min also commented, “Even when everyone else said OK, she wasn’t satisfied and wanted to redo her scenes, which is not an easy thing for an actress to do. So everyone really liked her.”

“When A Man Loves” will hit theaters on January 22.

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