Ga In Was Jealous of Ha Ji Won’s Abs in the Movie “The Huntresses”

On January 2, at a press conference for “The Huntresses,” Ga In talked about the belly dance scene in the movie. She said, “As a dancer, learning the choreography came a bit faster to me than others. I really did my best to learn the choreography, but when it came time for the scene, everyone kind of danced freestyle and did their own thing.”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In plays the youngest of the huntress trio, Gabi, a chic swordsman who tends to jump into action before she thinks. 

On her fellow huntresses, she said, “Kang Ye Won went beyond just the practiced choreography and did a really fun dance. And then Ha Ji Won’s abs were so impressive.” Ga In joked, “I was just constantly jealous and stopped eating.”

“The Huntresses” is a story about three of Joseon’s best bounty hunters, Jin Ok (Ha Ji Won), Hong Dan (Kang Ye Won), and Gabi (Son Ga In), who take on a huge case that has the fate of Joseon riding on it. The movie premieres on January 29, don’t miss it!