miss A’s Suzy and Min Dress Up As Michael Jackson for Special Performance in China

miss A’s Suzy and Min channel Michael Jackson for a recent performance.

On January 2, miss A tweeted a photo of the girls dressed up in Michael Jackson’s signature look. The special occasion was for a performance on Chinese broadcast station Hunan TV’s “Your Face Sounds Familiar.”

The program is known for having individuals and groups performing songs by well-known singers. The girls performed one of Michael Jackson’s hit songs while the whole group also performed its latest track “Hush.”

The following day, the girls uploaded a couple photos on LINE with the message, “Min and Suzy at the dressing room transformed into Michael Jackson! Please check out Min and Suzy’s look, managing to look pretty even though they dressed up as guys~”

Meanwhile, fans will be able to catch the other half of miss A (Fei and Jia) and their special performance on the following week’s broadcast on January 9.

miss a min

miss a suzy