GB9 Show Talented Vocals through New Song “I Hope It’s Breeze”

After making headlines with their brilliant vocals back in 2013, the duo vocal group GB9 has released yet another awe inducing song, “I Hope It’s Breeze.”

On January 2, the new music video for “I Hope It’s Breeze” was released, starting the year off with the soothing vocals of GB9. Fitting perfectly with the winter season, the new song portrays a soft piano melody complimented by the string sounds. The lyrics of the song convey the saddened heart of a man who expresses his love to the woman who has left him. As soft as a breeze, the lyrics gently enter the listener’s ears and ultimately melt one’s heart.

GB9 caught the attention of the music world when they released their debut song “Going Crazy” back in April of 2013. The group seems to remain the same despite the changing year, as the duo’s voice once again enters the hearts of all music listeners.

Check out the music video of “I Hope It’s Breeze” below!