Dal Shabet to Collaborate with Shinsadong Tiger for Comeback Song “B.B.B”

Six-member girl group Dal Shabet will be making a comeback in the start of the year, and the group will be collaborating with none other than Shinsadong Tiger. With the comeback set to the tune of Shinsadong Tiger’s song, fans can anticipate another hit song created by the famous producer.

On January 3, the music producer wrote on his Twitter, “Happy New Year and receive many blessings in 2014~ Finally the first creation of the year will be revealed on the 8th through Dal Shabet’s song ‘B.B.B.’ I produced it with Bum Yi and Nang Yi ^^ Please anticipate a sexy style without any exposure of skin.”

In the previous year, Shinsadong Tiger had produced Ailee’s “You and I,” and A Pink’s “No No No,” validating the producer’s golden touch. Thus, fans can expect another group tune produced for Dal Shabet’s comeback.

B.B.B (Big Baby Baby)” is an exciting retro pop that portrays the Dal Shabet’s unique vocals. Furthermore, the song describes the changing nature of a man a woman love, thus carrying the title of “Big Baby.”

The girl group has released their teaser images for their upcoming album, showing the members in a bathtub filled with water. We can’t wait to hear Dalshabet’s new song!

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