Tablo’s Daughter Haru Dresses Up Like Bruce Lee To Learn Self-Defense Skills

Tablo recently dressed up Haru like Bruce Lee for their martial arts classes!

On the latest broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” Tablo and Haru went to a Hapkido gym to pick up some self-defense and martial arts skills. 

Haru was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit similar to Bruce Lee’s when she showed up for class that day. Beloved martial arts film star and legend, Bruce Lee wore the yellow jumpsuit in the 1972 classic, “Game of Death.” It was recently auctioned off for $100,000 USD along with $280,000 USD worth of Bruce Lee memorabilia in Hong Kong. 

“The world is a scary place to raise a daughter in. I wanted Haru to learn self-defense skills so that I could feel a little more at ease,” explained protective daddy Tablo. 

The episode will air on January 5!

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