“88ers” Taeyang, G-Dragon and Kwanghee Reveal Their Budding Friendship

Whereas Taeyang and G-Dragon have known each other for years, another 88er has joined their circle!

ZE:A member Kwanghee recently shared a photo of himself sandwiched between YG artists G-Dragon and Taeyang on his official Twitter page. He simply captioned it, “88 baby” to showcase their budding friendship. As for the “88” part of the caption, it directly refers to the fact that Taeyang, G-Dragon and Kwanghee were all born in 1988. Often those born in the same year in Korea get to immediately address each other as a “friend” and get to employ more casual language. 

According to some descriptions of the photo, G-Dragon shoots Kwanghee a “motherly smile.” 

Netizens commented, “Were these three always close?” and “They look great together, but something feels slightly awkward.” 

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