Cha Seung Won Reflects on the Meaning of Being a Father

Actor Cha Seung Won dusts off 2013 and resolves to make a vigorous start to the New Year.

The actor stopped all activities last year, taking responsibility as a father when his son, pro-gamer Cha No Ah, was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old high school student. He also took the time for some self-reflection. Cha No Ah received an acquittal from the prosecution on December 31, and since the burden of the matter has been lifted from Cha Seung Won’s shoulders, the actor plans to make a fresh start. Cha No Ah was also sentenced to ten months prison for smoking marijuana in October, but the family has filed an appeal.

Cha Seung Won spoke to Sports Seoul via a phone call on January 2. “The meaning of being a father…” He was unable to speak for a while, but continued, “The issue was concluded on the last day of 2013. A whole year coursed through my mind. Our family has gotten stronger this year, and I have thought a lot more about what it means to be a father this year. Now that we are one family, I will work hard to show a better appearance as an actor who has received a lot of love and support.”

Cha Seung Won has plans to work on dramas and film in the coming year. He is a strong contender for upcoming MBC sageuk drama, “Unprecedented,” which is set in the early Joseon Dynasty. The drama plans to air in April. Meanwhile, he has a movie, “High Heels,” with director Jang Jin coming out soon. The movie was filmed last year, and was originally slated to be released in 2013.

He stated, “I want to meet fans again through quality dramas and movies. The Year of the Horse implies that we push ourselves to go faster. As an actor and a father of this age, I will work harder and become a more respectable person.”