BEAT WIN Reveals Teaser for Debut MV “She’s My Girl”

New boy group BEAT WIN has released the first teaser of their debut track “She’s My Girl!”

The teaser was uploaded on YouTube on January 3, making it a pleasant surprise for all fans waiting for more updates on the group. As we reported yesterday, BEAT WIN is a new group by Heaven Star Contents, and many of the industry experts have participated in producing the group’s debut song and music video.

In the teaser, we get a short glimpse of the handsome members showing off their charms and a taste of the energetic choreography. The strong electronic beat gives a hint of the direction that the boys have gone for, and the acrobatic move at the end only adds to the excitement.

The full music video will be released on January 6, but until then, check out the first teaser and stay tuned for more updates!