Taecyeon Expresses Frustration and Gives Advice for JYP Entertainment: “We Need a Reformation”

2PM‘s Taecyeon recently shared his thoughts on his agency, JYP Entertainment, giving his advice and expressing his frustration.

On January 4, Taecyeon tweeted a series of messages on his Twitter starting off with, “If those who don’t help out or have good management get promoted, then what becomes of the people who do help out and manage me? Is this a decision that is understandable? Will fans be able to understand an agency that I can’t even understand as a celebrity? What JYP Entertainment needs for 2014 is a reformation.”

Taecyeon continued, “The agency needs to be a place where people want to work hard instead of just coming in and leaving exactly on time. If the workers of an entertainment agency cannot be entertained, how can the company satisfy the public? Don’t place importance on being part of the ‘Big 3’ or the agency’s name but it’s time to seek for substance.”

Taecyeon left off with, “If our agency wants to aim for the best in 2014, it doesn’t have to do with solely the producer’s strengths but also the workers of the company as well. For the unappreciated jyp staffs but who deserve the actual credit.”

Soompiers, what do you think about Taecyeon’s thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree?

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