Tablo Reveals Special Gift from Coca Cola

Epik High member Tablo recently revealed his latest gift from Coca Cola!

On January 2, he posted the photo of the gift along with the caption, “A gift that arrived from Coca Cola.” 

On the label of the bottle of Coca Cola are the words, “Haru’s Daddy.” Tablo feigns surprise upon discovering the cute label. 

Netizens comments, “Coca Cola definite has a knack for these things”, “Haru is so cute! Haru’s dad, fighting!” and “I already miss Haru.” 

In related news, Tablo recently dressed up Haru in a Bruce Lee inspired yellow jumpsuit for her first set of self-defense classes for the latest broadcast of “Superman Returns.” He explained that the word was a scary place to raise a daughter in and wanted Haru to be prepared to defend herself in the face of any danger.