Reply 1994“s Go Ara shared her inner thoughts on her acting career.

On the “Reply 1994” Epilogue that aired on January 3, footage of the cast members’ interviews before the drama started was shown.

During the interview, Go Ara shared, “I don’t know if I can do this right now.” She also revealed, “I have an ‘Ok Lim’ trauma,” as she shed tears.

Go Ara also confessed that she felt that she reached a limit as an actress. But clearly, the actress has overcome her fears and doubts as she perfectly portrayed the character of Sung Na Jung. The next scene showed Go Ara with her hair cut short and practicing her accented lines.

Go Ara debuted in the teen drama “Sharp” in 2003 as the main character, Ok Lim. Afterwards, Go Ara struggled to achieve good ratings for her subsequent dramas, which made people doubt her acting skills.

However, Go Ara received immense love and positive reviews for her portrayal of Sung Na Jung in “Reply 1994,” which came to an end on December 28 with stellar ratings.

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