Kim Ji Won: “I Wonder Why I Can’t Date”

It’s hard to believe that actress Kim Ji Won has never dated; yet that seems to be the case as the actress expressed her own questions about her lackluster dating life.

On a recent interview with Newsen, the actress opened up about how she has never dated anyone. Unlike her character, Rachel Yoo, on SBS’ “The Heirs,” Kim Ji Won has never been rejected from any guy, because she had never confessed to a guy.

the heirs rachel yoo

In regards to past relationships, the actress commented, “The last time I had a possibility of dating someone was between junior high and high school. After becoming a trainee, I barely had any friends. I only had two guy friends and the rest were girls. Now, it’s hard to even date anyone.” Furthermore, Kim Ji Won expressed, “I have never properly dated anyone. Since I have been working on many projects, I have indirect experiences. I learn about how to act in love through books and movies.”

Different than the cold Rachel Yoo on “The Heirs,” Kim Ji Won is a lovable and outgoing actress who seems to continue to thrive towards her dreams in acting. We can’t wait to see her upcoming projects, and we hope that in the future she will find her perfect match!