“The Attorney” Starring Song Kang Ho and Im Si Wan Is Approaching a Staggering 10 Million Viewers

According to the Korean Film Commission, “The Attorney,” starring Song Kang Ho and Im Si Wan, just hit 7,000,435 viewers on January 4 at 8 am just 17 days after its first release on December 19.

This is an increase of 2 million in just five days, the movie having hit 5 million on December 30, and then 6 million on January 1.

The movie, with its numbers of viewers growing faster than the hits “Miracle in Cell No. 7,” “Masquerade,” and even “Avatar,” has us looking forward to news of 10 million viewers. It has defended the top spot in the box office for three weeks straight, and is still going strong into the new year.

 “The Attorney” is about Song Woo Seok, a tax lawyer in Pusan in the 1980s, who only became an attorney for the money. When a student activist he knows gets tortured and put on trial, he decides to defend the student at court.

Watch the trailer below: