Taecyeon Apologizes About Tweets Criticizing JYP Entertainment

2PM’s Taecyeon decided to do some damage control for several earlier tweets criticizing the management at JYP.

Early on January 4 Taecyeon wrote several tweets expressing his frustration at JYP Entertainment. He even went as to say that JYP needed reformation and said “Don’t place importance on being part of the ‘Big 3′ or the agency’s name but it’s time to seek for substance.” The tweets seemed to be about some employees at JYP who were treated unfairly in Taecyeon’s opinion.

Hours later, Taecyeon deleted those tweets and wrote a new apology on his official Twitter account. He wrote, “I think it was inappropriate of me to publicly criticize my company’s management. Please understand that I wrote that in my love and passion for JYP to be the best company. From now I will be a Ok Taecyeon who will work hard and has good communications with the company.”

Perhaps Taecyeon got into trouble from his agency about his too honest tweets?