Kim Sung Joo, Yoon Min Soo, and Sung Dong Il Confirmed for “Daddy, Where Are You Going? Season 2”

According to an MBC official, Kim Sung Joo, Yoon Min Soo, and Sung Dong Il have joined Season 2 of MBC’s “Daddy, Where Are You Going?

Yoon Min Soo will be appearing on the show with his son Yoon Hoo, who received much interest from viewers during season one. Kim Sung Joo will be appearing with his younger son Kim Min Yool, and Sung Dong Il will be on the show with his daughter Sung Bin. Song Jong Kook and daughter Jia and Lee Jong Hyuk and son Junsu will be dropping out of the show after the first season.

Kim Min Yool and Sung Bin have made appearances during season one of the show in the siblings special as well as their first overseas trip to New Zealand. Many viewers have already requested they be made regular cast members on the show, and expectations are high for what the two will bring to the show. 

The production staff of the show is on the lookout for new members.

Meanwhile “Daddy, Where Are We Going? Season 1” finished filming in December and Season 2 is scheduled to begin airing at the end of January.

Which celebrity father and child would you like to see on the show?