Relive 2013 with K-Pop Medleys

Merrian Webster defines a medley as a musical piece made up of parts of other musical works. Since ‘08, the brazilian mashup artist DJ Masa has been pulling together medleys of chart topping hits in K-Pop for a year-end mix. Combining the vocal samples from 80 of the year’s best songs in K-Pop, the DJ Masa and SHIMMixes recently unveiled their 2013 megamix. 

Anyone can slam together 80 hits within the 6 minute window, but the trick executed by DJ Masa and SHIMMixes was their use of making blends between samples an eloquent  smooth and journey that feels like a single song. The dynamic duo had the following to say on their joint production: 

“With the first part being managed by SHIMMixes, and the second one being managed by [DJ Masa], we successfully put together a 6-minute piece containing nothing but pure catchiness, and K-Pop awesomeness!”  They explained on their YouTube page.

Despite SHIMMixes’ residence in the Philippines, the pair remarked that, “Living in opposite parts of the globe, we managed to work it through, so it is definitely safe to say that Music makes ONE!”

The two mashup artists are each worth following in their own right. DJ Masa has largely been attributed as the pioneer of making the K-Pop megamix a thing; and inspired a number of other K-Pop mashup producers to make similar attempts. We also recommend watching SHIMMixes’ own year end mix, which we’ve shown below, as well as his other productions found on his YouTube page. 

Was 2013 a good year for K-Pop? What do you think? 

This post was submitted by Peter Lo – a ballroom dancer, publicist and DJ who enjoys spinning K-Pop in the Bay Area for party-rockin’ crowds. Follow him at @DJPeterLo

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