E-Sens Dispels Rumors of Him Creating His Own Label

Rapper and former member of Supreme Team, E-Sens, revealed his thoughts against rumors that he is creating his own label.

On January 5, the rapper posted on his Twitter account, “It’s a little bit late, but I wanted to let you know. There have been articles about how I’m going to make a label called T.O.D. with JTong and plan on coming out with a new album in February. However, T.O.D. is not a name of a label, and I haven’t set any plans for a new album. Many of you have been asking me, so I’m tweeting this.” 

Recently, it was reported that E-Sens and JTong established their own label and are in the midst of preparing a new album. In July 2013, E-Sens left Amoeba Culture after Supreme Team disbanded.

E-Sens also added, “T.O.D. is something JTong and I along with other friends are doing. We’ll be performing, hanging out, and creating something. It’s not exactly a crew; I don’t exactly know what it is. It’s just T.O.D.”

Meanwhile, E-Sens was involved in a heated “diss battle” against his former label, Amoeba Culture, Dynamic Duo, and more. You can read more about this here.