“Reply 1994” Popularity Continues, Raising “Taxi” Ratings to a New High

It seems like the public can’t get enough of “Reply 1994.” The tvN drama has concluded its run, but the recent appearance of the cast on “Taxi” resulted in record ratings for the variety show.

Cable channel tvN aired a “Reply 1994 Special” on its talk show “Taxi” on January 4. “Reply 1994” stars Jung Woo and Kim Sung Kyun appeared on the program and gave us a look at what happened behind the scenes.

Clearly, the “Reply 1994” fever hasn’t quite settled, as the show recorded average ratings of 2.8%, with ratings peaking at 3.7%. The episode placed first amongst viewers in their 10s-40s among programs in the same time slot.

This makes it the most highly rated episode of “Taxi” in three years. “Taxi” scored its highest rating of all time in its January 20, 2011 broadcast with Hyun Bin’s appearance, with average ratings of 6.1% and peak ratings of 7.5%. This was right after SBS drama “Secret Garden” ended its run.

During the “Reply 1994 Special,” the two MCs, Jung Woo and Kim Sung Kyun took a look at scenes from the drama, and shared details of what happened behind the scenes. This episode was partly filmed at the Sinchon boardinghouse set, where much of the drama’s action took place.

Jung Woo talked about Trash’s way of showing his love that shook the hearts of women. “Looking at it, I still don’t understand why people like the throwing of snacks so much.” On throwing his sweatshirt at Na Jung (Go Ara) during the intramural soccer game in Episode 5, Jung Woo remarked, “I don’t understand that either.” “Taxi” also revealed hints littered through the drama foreshadowing that Trash would end up being Na Jung’s husband.

What is the real Jung Woo like? The MCs posed this question to Jung Woo, with female MC Hong Eun Hee asking him, “Have you ever knelt when giving a girl a present or confessing to her?” Jung Woo burst out laughing, saying that he’s never done such a thing. None of the guys could understand the kneeling thing.

Kim Sung Kyun kept his confession cool and simple, doing it Gyeongsang-do style while having some soju. MC Kim Gura called his way cooler than doing it on bended knee.

Jung Woo apparently filmed two versions of the kiss scene with Binggeurae (Baro), one on the cheek and one on the lips. He later stunned both MCs when he said that it’s possible that two guys might kiss on the lips. Jung Woo seemed comfortable with skinship, leading Kim Gura to shy away slightly and call him Trash-like. It turned out that Baro was Jung Woo’s first kiss on the lips with another male.

Kim Sung Kyun talked about how he’s always played villainous roles, and his sun rise kiss with Do Hee was his first onscreen kiss. He revealed that as soon as the kiss scene ended, Do Hee leaned over the railing and puked. He joked, “Was it because of seasickness? Or was it because of me?”

They also talked about Samcheonpo’s bank book proposal scene. MC Hong Eun Hee said the proposal scene was okay, but Kim Sung Kyun said typically women in their 30s like this sort of thing, not those in their 10s and 20s. Jung Woo commented that the backing music to that scene was “Destiny,” covered by Kim Sung Kyun and Do Hee. Kim Sung Kyun also revealed that Samcheonpo’s characteristic behavior was based on his younger cousin.

Kim Sung Kyun talked about his commercials, and Jung Woo revealed that he’s done about 8-9 commercials. Jung Woo and Kim Sung Kyun also revealed that they are friends, with Jung Woo as an early 81-er and Kim Sung Kyun born in 1980.

Jung Woo and Kim Sung Kyun’s interview with “Taxi” will continue on next week’s episode on tvN on Saturday at 8:40 PM KST. Yoo Yeon Seok, who played Chilbong in the drama, will join in on Part 2 of the “Reply 1994 Special.”