Jung Yoo Mi to Meet Jung Joon Young’s Brother on “We Got Married”

On the January 4 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Jung Yoo Mi talked on the phone with Jung Joon Young’s older brother.

In the episode, the couple was enjoying their date at Naksan Park when Jung Yoo Mi asked Jung Joon Young who was the person he could best relate to. Jung Joon Young answered, the first person was his wife, Jung Yoo Mi, and picked his older brother as his second choice.

He revealed that his brother is engaged and getting married in February and that he is younger than Jung Yoo Mi. Jung Joon Young expressed his envy towards his brother’s couple saying, “They enjoy playing games together.”

Jung Yoo Mi expressed her curiosity towards her husband’s brother and said, “Can I meet him?” in a joking manner. However, Jung Joon Young, with his zany personality, called his brother on the spot.

Jung Joon Young told his brother on the phone, “She wants to meet you,” and his brother willingly asked where they were, so he could come meet them.

Next week, Jung Joon Young’s brother will appear in person on the show, and the preview shows the three starting to have a heated conversation during dinner.

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