4Minute’s HyunA Returns Back to Black

4Minute‘s HyunA displayed a different kind of charm by opting for a black hair this time.

On January 4, HyunA updated her Instagram with a series of self taken photos. Judging from her previous blonde style as one part of the duoTrouble Maker, it seems like that she went back to her original black hair again.

The photos showed HyunA’s two-sided charms, a lovely smile and a haughty facial expression. She matches a check-patterned shirt with light make up, giving a fresh and pure impression like a high school student.

Especially with her new black hair color, her clear-cut features and flawless skin make her look more beautiful. 

Meanwhile, HyunA featured in Rain‘s new album, rapping in his “Where You You Going Oppa?” track in “Rain Effect.”