Song Ji Hyo Runs into Her Cousin While Filming “Running Man”

Actress Song Ji Hyo unexpectedly ran into her cousin while filming an episode of “Running Man” in her hometown.

The New Year special of SBS’ “Running Man” aired on January 5, and the cast members were challenged to prepare tasty dishes to celebrate the New Year. The members and their partners scattered around the country, each of the pairs trying to find the area’s best chef and receive a cooking lesson. Song Ji Hyo was paired with actor Lee Dong Wook, and they headed to the actress’ hometown Pohang, known for delicious seafood.

While running around the city to find the freshest ingredients, the couple headed to a queen crab market. Right before entering the marketplace, Song Ji Hyo suddenly shouted, “Unni, unni!” Turned out that she had noticed her cousin walking in front of them, and the two warmly greeted each other. The actress said to her cousin, “Have you been okay? So nice to see you,” positively surprised by the coincidence.

Check out the clip below!

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