Rain Expresses Satisfaction Over His Height and Talks About Heel Inserts

Solo artist Rain recently shared a few words about his height and heel inserts.

The charismatic singer appeared on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” on January 5, having made his comeback just a few days ago. After sharing which junior artists that have caught his eye as of late, the MC asked him to choose one feature that makes him stand out from the other talented idols. 

He responded, “My height? I am probably the tallest dancing singer out there. I am 185cm (6’1”) tall.” The singer is known for his tall and well-built muscular body, which he is also not afraid to show off. When asked his opinion on heel inserts that are a staple amongst male idols, he jokingly answered, “Wearing heel inserts is like violating the rules. That is why I decided to be shameless and wear 10cm heels.” Those who have seen his comeback music video for “30SEXY” might have already noticed the chunky high-heeled boots that he is referring to.

Rain made his comeback after a six-year hiatus with his sixth album, and is currently promoting the two title tracks “30SEXY” and “LA SONG.”